Piano School Of Music International
a subsidiary of Apostle & Bishop Ordination Institute Inc

Piano School of Music International
a subsidiary of Apostles Bishop Ordination Institute Inc.

This policies apply to all our services and sales
The Piano School of music is a training institutes base in Ghana and Nigeria ,its a training arm of ABOI registered in Ghana. This policies is expected to guide our services and transactions both in Ghana and anywhere the school is

By filling our form indicate that you are in agreement with our policies
1. Every information filled by the students/clients or on behalf of the student/clients either by online or paper is expected to be true and fact and valid by the clients/students
2. Any deception by the students/client noticed either online or paper shall render all payment and admission invalid and thereby result to cancellation and dismissal of the student/clients and no refund whatsoever shall be made
3. in case of sales of any product by the school or representative of the school,a receipt should be requested by the client/purchaser,failure to do so shall render any transaction invalid by the school
4. Each lesson shall be an hour a week,the day and time could be chosen by the student/clients
5. Any day chosen by the student/clients shall be accepted by the school,the school reserve the right to reschedule the day and time if need be
6.Any day or time chosen by the student/clients can not be change without a prior agreement or a call of 24hour earlier before the agreeing day if not that day shall be counted as a lesson day for the students
7. in case of sales of any of our instruments,we dont replace or refund,as stated in our receipt that any good taken in good condition can never be returned
8.our goods and products are tested before supply
9..payment are made in advance,no tested of lesson/class to see how it looks like,we believe our lessons are handled by professional tutors,thereby they will strictly adhere to our rules and regulations
10. Payment for the next lesson are paid at the beginning of the 5th lesson,lessons are counted as 4 lessons make a month,in a situation whereby we have five weeks in a month the extra lesson shall be paid for
11. the school/teacher reserve the right to do a make up for lesson missed by the teacher unless under an unforeseen circumstances
12. any additional lesson requires additional payments in days and time
13. The teachers syllabus has been verified by the school and is validated to be used,in no circumstances should the teacher be interrupted in his lesson by another teacher or opinion,as the school or teacher reserve the right to stop any lesson being suspected that could pose a danger to the teacher or the school without any intimidation or refund whatsoever by both teacher or student
14. The school reserve the right to stop and reject any previous or present agreement by the teacher or the school if suspected fowl plays without any intimidation whatsoever from both parties
15. Failure by the student to adhere strictly to all these rules or policies shall face indefinite suspension/dismissal without any refund whatsoever by the school
16. The students/clients reserve the right to stop the lesson/class as at whenever he is pleased or displeased without any intimidation or treat by both parties
17.The package duration is first 3 month,the student/clients reserve the right to stop or continue after the first 3 month at his/her own discretion
For more explanation please call +233542992386

Our disclaimer

The content on this website is provided for general information, reference and entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to replace supervised tuition. 

It is impossible to teach or learn to play any instruments  without interaction between the teacher and pupil. This enables the teacher to listen and observe the student who can gain insight and correct singing techniques by this interaction. Don't get stuck with bad habits - find a tutor who can identify your faults and help you achieve your full vocal potential. Any exercises, downloads, clipart, music, content, etc., are the copyright of their respective owners who to our knowledge have released them as freeware or shareware.  please contact us here